But, can it run Crysis? | Opinion

Even after 13 years, Crysis remains one of the most impressive games. Now, with a remastered version on the way, it is time to take a closer look at the game and discuss why a remaster of this game will be an underwhelming experience compared to the original game. And that is positive. Even after more than a decade, the game still competes with recent titles in terms of graphics.

How The Sims helped me understand an architect | Opinion

Some professions and fields of study require a specific terminology that is difficult to understand as an outsider. Meeting a group of architects to discuss a design or building is an unique experience. However, very few individuals without the correct knowledge of architectural styles and elements could understand the entire description.

How architecture creates the setting and atmosphere of a game | Opinion

Parkour requires runners to navigate through an urban environment. This is a real challenge. Now, imagine yourself running for your life traversing the modern skyline of a futuristic metropolis with a private military contractors on your heels. In this clean city of the future with tall buildings, the disadvantaged neighbourhoods stand out even more.

Withstanding the battle royale mode and waiting for the end of the hype | Opinion

After months of waiting, the long promised battle royale game mode arrived in Battlefield V. In Firestorm players combat each other in a fearsome fight to the death in a shrinking ring of fire that absorbs the largest map ever featured in a Battlefield game, but are gamers still waiting for another battle royale game?