A few weeks ago, Nvidia released a helpful tool to remove background noise from the audio recordings of your microphone. The software uses the processing power of your graphics card to to remove distracting background noise from your microphone input. The result is clear audio without noticeable sounds in the background ready to distract other users.

The Nvidia RTX Voice application removes background sounds or other ambient noise in louder environments. The first impressions are positive. Even after a few weeks of use, the tool continues to be one of the easiest to remove background noise from a headset or standalone microphone.

Artificial intelligence

The software uses artificial intelligence to detect and remove background noise. This task requires some computing power. To accomplish this, the tool uses the dedicated AI Tensor Cores on the more recent graphics cards of the RTX series.

To install and use the RTX Voice application, you need a compatible RTX graphics card and the correct divers, version 410.18 or newer. You will also need to be on the Windows 10 operating system to use the software.

The correct audio device

RTX Voice creates a virtual audio device on your computer. These devices are set to the default input and output device in Windows 10. In the RTX Voice software, you need to select the microphone and speakers you want to use in combination with the features of the software.

After you selected the correct input and output devices, you need to change the default audio devices in the chat applications to the virtual audio devices from the RTX Voice software. This makes it possible for the software to remove the background noises.

Experiment with the settings

To remove the background, you tick the checkbox near the input device. This turns on the background noise removal feature in the RTX Voice software. Please note, there can be some distortion when the tool needs to remove louder background noise.

If you are in an online meeting and some of your colleagues have too much background noise in their audio feed, you can also turn on the feature on the output device to remove background noise from incoming conversations and content.

May work on other graphics cards

As a test, some users tried to install and use the RTX Voice tool on other Nvidia graphics cards. The previous generation of Pascal graphics cards does not have dedicated AI Tensor Cores. After some minor file tweaks, users enabled the advanced background removal features on unsupported graphics cards.

When the RTX Voice tool is used, you notice that the performance of the older graphics cards is affected more than the supported graphics cards. This means that there is some workload given to the dedicated cores on the supported graphics card to reduce the stress on the system.

Best performance and support

Even if you can make it work on other graphics cards with a few changes, it is best to use the software on a supported graphics card for the best performance. The tool remains one of the best tools to remove background noise in real-time from a microphone.

Sometimes unwanted audio is still able to slip past the artificial intelligence, but most of the keyboard sounds or conversations in the background will be removed by the advanced software. Impressive, to say the least.

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, a graphics card developed and produced by Nvidia. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

4 thoughts on “Nvidia RTX Voice, the best tool to remove background noise | Tutorial

  1. You are right, with some minor tweaks it works perfectly on the previous generations of graphics cards! Impressive article my friend!

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