For more than two years, the renovations in our house took place behind the scenes. After a long period of work, it is time to move our interiour and that happens this entire week and weekend. This means no blog post will be released, but, as expected, there is a small update to keep you up to date.

After the move a new blog post will be released on this blog every week. This week is a small exception in the schedule. Due to the time pressure of the move, there is no time to write a decent blog post. Not even a decent computer setup to work on this blog.

Content on a regular basis

However, the move also offers me the chance to get the game room organised and improve the setup so that working on this blog becomes more comfortable. Other projects are also in the works.

The location offers the possibilities to write content after work and have a fixed streaming setup to create more video content on a regular basis. The next logical step for this blog about games and technology.

Gameplay videos with other content creators

As promised earlier this year, you can expect some videos as well. These gameplay videos will often feature guest bloggers and other content creators to keep them interesting and offer different points of views on certain topics.

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