As a content creator or livestreamer, you often need to use a decent camera or webcam to record or livestream videos. These are dedicated deviced. Be honest: the integrated webcam on your laptop is not the best looking. If you have a more recent phone in your pocket, chances are it is equipped with a decent camera and can be repurposed to be used as a webcam.

Broadcasters spend a decent amount of their budget on webcam. There are alternatives available such as a standalone camera and capture cards, but they do cost more. Using the camera of your phone as a webcam is an affordable method to add an additional video source to your computer.

A low-budget webcam replacement

If it is a more recent model, it can be repurposed to work as a wireless webcam. The phone in your pocket is the perfect low-budget webcam replacement. You just need the correct software to turn you phone in a webcam.

The easiest method to turn your phone into a wireless webcam is to use the app DroidCam. This app makes it possible to connect your phone to your computer and use the device as a standalone webcam.

Download and install the software

To use your phone as a webcam, the DroidCam app and client software has to be downloaded and installed on your phone and computer. The app and client software can be found on the official DroidCam website.

The DroidCam app broadcasts your camera feed over your local network to your computer. The desktop client then tells the software of your choice that your mobile phone is a webcam.

Connect your phone and computer

After you completed the installation of the DroidCam client on your computer, you open the software. To continue, your phone and computer need to be connected to the same wireless network.

Open the DroidCam app on your mobile phone and enter the values of the Device IP address and DroidCam Port in the corresponding fields of the Windows client. If you entered the correct details, your phone and computer are able to communicate.

Select the DroidCam as webcam

After you press the start button in the DroidCam app. The phone app launches the camera and you should be able to see its feed in the client software on your computer.

Change the camera and microphone input settings in the recording software or video chat application to DroidCam and DroidCam Virtual Audio. Now you are ready to use your phone as a webcam on your computer.

Keep your phone charged

If you use your phone as a webcam for an extended period of time, it may be recommend to keep the device plugged into an external power source as streaming video from your phone to your computer demands your phone to stay awake for longer periods of time. This may have a negative impact on your battery levels.

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