There are millions of broadcasters who want to entertain their audience. To stand out from the other streamers and content creators, you can show your heart rate on top of the game you stream. Do you play horror games and want to show your heartrate to your viewers to show them how scared you are? It is possible if you have a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or 4.

Pulsoid is a helpful tool that allows you to add a heart rate widget in your recording or livestreaming software. This method has been tested in Open Broadcaster Software Studio with the information from the heart rate monitor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The application sends heart rate data through an internet connection to a desktop or laptop.

You need a heart rate monitor

Before you download the Pulsoid application on your mobile phone, you also need an accurate heart rate monitor with Bluetooth support. This device is used to measure your heart rate. Not all devices are compatible, so you need to check whether or not your device is supported in the Pulsoid application.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be used as a continuous heart rate monitor and therefore can be connected with Pulsoid application. To connect the Mi Band with the Pulsoid application, you need to make the device discoverable within the Mi Fit application. You also need to turn on continuous heart rate monitoring and heart rate sharing.

Edit the appearance of the heart rate data

Select the correct heart rate monitor in the Pulsoid application on your mobile phone. After the device has been connected in the mobile application, you browse to to discover the dashboard. On this website, you can change the appearance of the heart rate widget to your personal preference.

The heart rate widget contains the data of the heart rate monitor connected to the Pulsoid application on your mobile. Change the layout of this widget and customise the colour, font, ranges and allignment of the data.

Add the heart rate widget to the software

If you have edited the widget to your personal preferences, you copy the link to the widget. This link can be found near the widget settings in on your personal dashboard. Add a browser source in the recording or streaming software on your desktop or laptop and paste the link to the widget as the source.

If your recording or streaming software does not support browser source plugins, you need to use a chroma key feature to remove the background colour of the heart rate widget. If the recording or streaming software supports browser source plugins, the background colour is removed to make the background transparent.

Display real-time heart rate data on your livestream

After you have added the heart rate widget as a browser source, you will be able to see the data as an overlay on top of your gameplay. The heart rate data of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 are not the most accurate, but they are good enough to give your audience an impression of your heart rate in gameplay sessions.

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