As you have guessed it, NoMorePeter is on Twitch and YouTube. With the current situation in the world and the reduced personal contact between people, it is time to find a platform to connect with readers and communities. As a result, you are invited to our regular broadcasts. I am excited to connect with you.

In the next weeks, you can expect broadcasts and hands-on experiences on our personal Twitch and YouTube channel. These regular livestreams will feature some of the latest games and hardware.

Let’s connect

At first I was a little hesitant, however Twitch as a platform makes it possible to connect in the live chat. A personal account is not required to watch the broadcast, but you will need one in order to ask questions or comments in the live chat.

After the broadcast, the content will be archived on YouTube as well. So tune in! Some past broadcasts can already be found on the platform.

Follow me on social media

Follow me on social media to stay up-to-date, receive reminders of broadcasts and get a closer look behind the scenes. Hope to see you there!

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