This week marks the one year anniversary day of this blog. In the beginning of March of last year, I posted my very first blog post. One year and 53 blog posts later, there is still content being published on a regular basis. It often has been tough to combine full time work and a blog about games and technology. However, there is more to come.

Earlier last year, the need for a creative outlet became clear. As a blogger with a full time demanding job, it has been my hardest working year ever! However, the result is this blog and the content you can read and enjoy. You find opinions, reviews, tutorials and even ebooks.

More content about games and technology

Depending on the type of content, it takes hours of research and preparation to write a good and informative blog post. Last year, most of the evenings were used for writing and rewriting entire blog posts after work. This year will be no exception with even more content to arrive.

This year, you can expect at least one opinion, review or tutorial every week about games and technology. Some texts are more personal, others more traditional product reviews. Sometimes, there may be different types of content too.

Where is the video content?

During the entire first year of this blog, there have been low times as well. Last year, there were plans for livestreams and video content, but due to technical problems these videos never happened and the gameplay sessions remained private.

In the next months, you can expect some gameplay videos to be published on social media as well. More information about these videos will be released in the next weeks. It did not happen last year, but it will happen this year!

Follow me on social media

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Thank you so much to everyone who reads and comments on the blog. Your feedback means a lot to me. After a successful first year of blogging, it is time to look forward to an even better second year with more and better content.

Do you enjoy this content?

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