Some gamers prefer to use a mouse and keyboard to enjoy their games. On consoles, the support is limited to a few titles. Devices such as the Tuact Venom X4 make it possible to use a mouse and keyboard in every game. This may be the best solution for gamers who want mouse and keyboard support in console games and are used to a different input method.

In the end, the Tuact Venom X4 delivers and does what you expect it to do. The device allows you to use a mouse and keyboard on your console. The Venom X4 has been designed to support the current and last generation of consoles, the device even works on your computer

The Tuact Venom X4 comes with a transeiver, mouse and remote controller referred to as the wand. To be honest, this is a strange name for a wireless device with an analogue stick and buttons. Compared to similar products, the included mouse and remote controller make the product more convenient.

Use a mouse and remote controller

The function keys on the left side of the mouse are the most important feature. You can reach most of them with minimal movement of the thumb. All these keys have a good feedback. The mouse even has a customisable sensitivity settings to adjust it to your personal preferences. You can also add additional weights to the mouse to make it heavier.

The wand controller is wireless and connects to the Venom X4 transeiver hub. As a result, you use the same software used to configure the mouse to configure the function keys on the wand. It is straightforward and clear.

The largest drawback of the Venom X4 are the ergonomics of the wand. There is no curve or grip located on the bottom of the remote controller to be used as a handrest. This makes the device less comfortable during longer gameplay sessions.

A clear step-by-step setup

The setup process of the Venom X4 is convenient, however it requires a few steps to customise the controls to your personal preferences. The setup guide is clear and helps you through the entire process.

You connect an official controller to the transeiver together with the included mouse. After you see a green light on the receiver, you turn on the wand and your devices are ready to be used. If you have the order wrong, you have to restart the entire setup process.

Remember to keep the official controller connected to the transeiver otherwise, the Venom X4 loses the connection to the console. This may be inconvenient and result in more cables on your desk, but is required for the device to work.

Other supported devices

The Venom X4 makes it possible to use different types of devices on consoles. The transeiver hub also supports an additional keyboard. The Venom X4 makes games more accessible for users with disabilities, but there are some concerns.

An average gamer who uses a mouse and keyboard on a console will be more accurate after a few hours of practice than the average console player with a traditional controller. This may result in an imbalance on consoles.

Of course, an experienced gamer with a traditional controller will still be able to compete with users with a mouse and keyboard. The average gamer on the other hand may experience difficulties against users with a different input method.

It requires a few hours of practice

The learning curve of the Venom X4 is steep, in particular for gamers who are not familiar with a keyboard and mouse setup. It does take time to figure out how the Tuact Venom X4 works and where the buttons are located. The device may even require a firmware update to support your console.

The software and mobile application are user-friendly enough and help you customise the controls to your personal preferences. However, it takes time to learn the exact location of the buttons. After a few hours, you become used to the design of the Venom X4.

A different gameplay experience

The Venom X4 is helpful, but does not make you a better gamer. After a few weeks, the largest benefit is the increase in turning speed in first person shooters. It becomes easier to check your blind spots. The higher sensitivity makes the controls feel more responsive and makes turning in first person shooters a better experience.

However, you need to use an unique setup for every game you want to play. This makes the Venom X4 more difficult to use than other standard controllers. Even with the same settings, the Venom X4 may result in an entire different gameplay experience in similar games. The customisation of these input settings requires time and may be a deal breaker to some users.

Computer experience

There may be other options on the market, but the Tuact Venom X4 delivers on its promises and add support for a mouse and keyboard to your console. The included mouse and remote controller work fine, but there are better devices for a more computer experience.

The Venom X4 is a great choice for gamers who want to use a mouse and keyboard on their console. The software and customisation make this one of the most convenient and solid products for users who prefer a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller.

Product information

Tuact Venom X4
The device does what you expect it to do and adds mouse and keyboard support to your console with a few drawbacks and a learning curve.

Retail price: 149,99 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Tuact Venom X4, an input device developed and produced by Tuact. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

6 thoughts on “Tuact Venom X4, a mouse and keyboard on consoles | Review

  1. Did not know that these kind of devices exist. A decent mouse and keyboard setup is so much more comfortable than a basic controller.

  2. There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this topic. I really like all the points you’ve made. Thank you.

  3. Hello, great post about this product. I’m actually thinking about buying this. Do you know if their still in business and are still supporting this device? Haven’t seen them post anything on their Facebook since 2017 and their website has 2018 date on the bottom.

    1. The product still works and you can adjust the settings to you personal preferences in the application. The profiles are not updated for all games, but with some small adjustments most games work fine. Remember to set the sensitivity to the highest possible setting, this makes movements much smoother.

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